My name is Hossein Naderi, and I'm a Software engineer.

Hossein Naderi

Software engineer

I design and implement quality software. solving problems and creating viable solutions which are easy to change and manage is what I call Craftsmanship Art in software industry and I pursue it wholeheartedly.

this is a printed version of my Résumé at , and it may be outdated, visit https://hnaderi.ir/ for the most updated version.


I started programming when I was 10 using Microsoft Visual Basic (vb6) and after that I studied Delphi. after a few years I became interested in low level languages and started to program some micro-controllers (8051 and AVR) using C and assembly. working with C gave me understanding about how computers actually work. I worked on some volunteer projects when I was at middle school and gained some experience in RDBMSes. this was the first time I encountered software development as a profession and started to like it. as years passed I learned some other programming languages and tried to extend my understanding, I continued my education with Mathematics and physics in order to study Software related fields at university later and after high school I entered Tehran Polytechnic (A.U.T.) to study Computer Science. While studying at A.U.T. I gained a lot of knowledge I missed a long time, and started a part time job as a Web developer. in my web development job I had time to strengthen my OOP skills and understanding. It was about this time that I found a great book (as many if not all people do agree with), and that was Clean Code by Robert C. Martin. after reading that book I continued my personal studies with Clean Code video lessons by Robert Martin (uncle bob) and that had the most important influence on shaping my mindset on how my career should continue. I started to learn how to do TDD and gained some really great understanding on how software development work flow should look like. I started to get involved with Functional Programming and found the TRUTH (just kidding :-D) and ENLIGHTEND!!! I continued my career as a Back-end developer and then changed my career path to Data Engineering and then (shortly after that) to become a Software Architect. currently I'm pursuing my studies in Software Architecture and System design.


Work experience


Feb. 2020 - Present

Software Architect

Actually, ParticleB is the successor of Miras, and I'm currently work at it on SecretEve!

Miras Technologies

Feb. 2019 - Feb. 2020

Data Engineer

I worked on several projects including Miniature and DSens. Miniature is a social media and news search platform which provides some useful insights on the data using machine learning and A.I. such as Profanity detection and sentiment detection and some other metadata. I implemented Twitter and Instagram Crawler for Miniature and improved augmentation pipelines by rewriting most of its code base. I also worked on optimizing and securing Search Queries. DSens is a Scalable and Performant data storage and query tool designed for Mapna, which I designed and implemented. as it is a proprietary system more information may not be available publicly.

Research Center of Developing Advanced Technologies (F.A.V.A. - Cloud Computing)

Sept. 2016 - Sept. 2019

Backend Developer

I worked mostly on designing and implementing distributed data systems, crawlers and data pipelines.

Research Center of Developing Advanced Technologies (F.A.V.A. - Cloud Computing)

Dec. 2014 - Sept. 2016

Full Stack Web Developer

built some web applications for data analytics and information retrieval using C♯, SQL Server, Solr, JavaScript


SecretEve (Current)


Software Architect/Developer

Coming soon :-) More info at ParticleB

Tivan (Current)


Software Architect/Developer

Avan is a company that provides video services such as encoding to companies that work with videos at any scale. I've designed and implemented an efficient, distributed and highly scalable infrastructure for transcoding that is handling a heavy load since 2020 March. avanco.tech


Miras Tech.

Data Engineer

Miniature is a social media and news search platform which provides some useful insights on the data using machine learning and A.I. such as Profanity detection and sentiment detection and some other metadata. its demo is currently publicly available at http://miniature.ai

Shafa Agent

InTeb Group

Software Architect/Data Engineer

This project's goal was to integrate old hospital data systems with modern technologies to provide seamless services to medical staffs using mobile application. I deciphered old legacy system and implemented integration pipelines. this project is currently up and running in Imam Khomeini Hospital (children medical center) and providing services. this project gained a lot of attention in both hospitals and medical academy in tehran.

JAM (distributed crawler)


Software Architect/Backend Developer

Integrated Crawling System for news, forums, blogs and more. designed a highly scalable distributed crawler and data enrichment system.



Software Architect/Developer

Dataflow and integration server. this project is continuation of an older personal project called Shelang (means hose) used to integrate legacy systems in to new systems (or vice versa) and help to make clones of systems which are not designed with extensibility in mind.

ASHNA (information retrieval platform)


Full Stack Web Developer

web application and data visualizations.

Greenhouse Automation/Monitoring


automation and monitoring system for greenhouse, with secure web panel and android application. notable features:

Live camera streaming and motion detection alert Notifications and custom criteria alert Telegram and FCM integration Sensor statistics and visualization Fail-over mechanism to take manual control over system

hardware components using raspberry, arduino, esp8266.

TIK application


Software Architect and Consultant

helping with design and migration decisions.


Distributed and Enterprise System design

I have designed and implemented several distributed software systems, and I’m quite familiar with a lot of techniques used in such a system!

Domain Driven Design

I’m a big fan of discovering business domain logic and creating a product that serves the business.

Historical modeling and Event sourcing

I’m also armed with fairly good knowledge and experience in event sourced modeling and design for times that it can serve the business!

Event Driven Architectures

Events are facts of life! I’m a big fan of event storming and event modeling.

Functional Programming

When it comes to programming, I’m more of a mathematician behind the keyboard!

I love Haskell, Scala, Lisps, ML family, …

Reactive Design and programming

There are two kinds of systems in general:

  • Reactive
  • Not working properly
OOP designing principles and patterns

I also carry a lot of experience from my OOP days.


I can help software development teams with Software architecture, I’m also available as a consultant but not as a parachute Architect, I Also can help teams and individuals with implementing data systems and solutions for managing data. contact me for more info on how to hire me


mail: phone: (+98)937-918-3744

social: linkedIn telegram https://www.linkedin.com/in/hnaderi/ @hnaderii

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